About the Morgantown Mile PODA

[Press Release]: City of Morgantown Opens Applications for Private Outdoor Designated Area (PODA) Permits
As of April 15, the City of Morgantown has opened applications for its Private Outdoor Designated Area (PODA) program. A PODA kick-off event is scheduled for Wednesday, May 15th. Read more at morgantownwv.gov >>

What are the benefits of having a PODA in Morgantown? 

Having a PODA has the potential to:

  1. Increase visitors to restaurants and bars;
  2. Increase the time visitors spend in the area;
  3. Increase retail sales; and
  4. Adds to the unique visitor experience. Additional benefits to the PODA also include encouraging people to move about the PODA area.  Rather than sitting inside, people strolling the business district adds a sense of a more vibrant community.  It also affords an opportunity to explore other businesses and lends itself to planned events.

About Private Outdoor Designated Area (PODA) - The Morgantown Mile
Learn about PODA operating hours, boundary, rules & regulations, and how to become a PODA-licensed business. Read more at morgantownwv.gov >>

Have a ABCA Class A license? 
Effective May 1, all Class A licensees (any bar, restaurant, or other place where beer, wine, or liquor can be consumed on premises) are eligible to become a PODA-licensed business.  There are FIVE steps to become a PODA-licensed business. A direct link to the Application provided for your convenience. Download City of Morgantown PODA Application >>
For Merchants: Will PODA beverages be allowed in your establishment?
If you have a merchant establishment and do not serve alcohol, you can register and apply for a window decal. With your decal you can communicate to potential customers whether or not PODA beverages are allowed in your establishment. View form at morgantownwv.gov >>