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Request for Proposal



Main Street Morgantown with the City of Morgantown seeks proposals from qualified caterers and vendors in the downtown and wharf areas for The Great Race event on Monday, June 24, 2024 in Downtown Morgantown.

The Great Race is the country’s oldest, longest running and richest vintage automobile event from Kentucky to Maine.  The event is free to the public and has a Spirit of Americana theme.

Statement of Need:

  1. 300 meals served by your staff (approximately $12-15 per person). Generally, lunch consists of a hamburger or sandwich with chips and a drink, however our review committee is open to reviewing other options.
  2. Must include all paper supplies needed to service event and cleanup.
  3. Bottled sodas and waters.
  4. Drinking water dispensing station.
  5. Lunch station open from 12-2:30pm with guests arriving on a flow of approximately 100 per hour.

Proposal Submission:

All proposals must be submitted in writing to or Main Street Morgantown, c/o Morgantown Area Partnership, 265 Spruce Street, Suite 100, Morgantown:

  • About your company and your experience
  • Proposed menu and charge
  • References

Award timeline:

This RFP is open to businesses in Morgantown’s downtown & wharf footprint only.  If you decide not to bid, please voice your declination in writing.  The deadline to respond is Friday, March 1.

This RFP will open to all food service providers if no responses are received by Friday, March 1.

2/9/2024, solicitation available to the public

3/1/2024, responses due by 5:00 EST

3/6/2024, if no responses are received, this RFP will open to all caterers and vendors.

3/20/2024, responses due by 5:00 EST

3/27/2024, review of proposals

4/3/2024, notification of selected vendor

Evaluation Criteria

Proposals received will be reviewed to ensure all material has been submitted as specified in this RFP. The evaluation of proposals will be reviewed for the following criteria:
Per Meal Charge / Company Experience / Menus / References / Company Location

Rejection of Proposal

Proposals that do not conform to the requirements of this RFP shall be rejected. Proposals may be rejected for reasons that include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. The proposal was received after the submission deadline;
  2. The proposal was not signed by an authorized representative of the vendor. The proposal contained unauthorized amendments, deletions, or contingencies to the requirements of the RFP;
  3. The proposal was incomplete or contained significant inconsistencies or inaccuracies