Starting a Business?


So, you want to open a business in downtown Morgantown? Great! You will find a like-minded group of people that can help you get started. Follow this guideline to help make your experience easier.


  1. You are strongly urged to contact the WVU Small Business Development Center ( and take advantage of their services. They provide confidential, no-cost technical assistance to help start your business. The downtown office is located at 238 High Street, phone number- 681-205-4694.
  2. You can also meet with Downtown business owners who have agreed to offer advice and mentoring. Contact the Main Street office for a list of participating business owners.
  3. Once you have a sound business plan, you need to choose a location. There are usually several storefronts available with contact information posted. You can also contact the Main Street Office for a list of locations.
  4. Obtain a West Virginia State business license. Once you have decided what type of business structure works best for you (sole proprietorship, LLC, Corporation) you need to register with the state and obtain a business license. The easiest way is to use the state website
  5. Obtain a City of Morgantown business license. The easiest way to do this is, go to the city website- Click on the BUSINESS heading, then the “Steps to starting your business” heading. You must have a state license before you can get a city license. If you are planning on opening a restaurant, you will also need to talk to various city departments such as Code Enforcement to obtain the proper permits such as occupancy rating. You will be responsible for collecting and paying the city service fee of $3.00 per week, per employee and yourself. You will also pay a quarterly Business and Occupation Tax.
  6. If you are planning on having employees, you will need to obtain a Federal Employee Identification Number. Go to this website to learn more.
  7. Remodel, stock up, put that “Open” sign out!

Additional Resources